Construction Update

We're hard at work plumbing chilled water lines, running electrical wiring, and framing out our grain room. Check out this recent video update.


Beer For Life Indiegogo Campaign!

As we begin to wrap up major construction and gear up for opening our Production Brewery and Taproom, we've got a special deal for San Fernando craft beer lovers: our Beer for a Year and Beer for Life offers at Indiegogo. 

Thank you for your support! 


Our Brewing Equipment

Quite a bit has been happening lately. While Engineers and our Architect look over our final plans before we submit them to the city, fabrication of our brewing equipment has been completed and they are being prepped for delivery. Lets take a look at all of the individual components that will make up our production brewery:

 This is where the the wort (un-fermented beer) is made. We have four kettles in our set up. 

This is where the the wort (un-fermented beer) is made. We have four kettles in our set up. 

bright tank.jpg
cip unit.jpg
controling cabinet.jpg
fermenters 1.jpg
water tanks.jpg

Check back for updates soon as we prepare our building for equipment installation. 


Holiday update

Things are moving swiftly for us even during the busy holiday season. We submitted all the paper work needed for our Conditional Use Permit to the city.

The city of San Fernando now has us on the fast track for our final hearing. They have been extremely helpful and we could not have found a better city to call home.

Our ever patient architect (Yolanda McCausland) walked us through the whole procedure. She went out of her way to sit through two redesigns of the brewery plans. As soon as we get approval we will be posting those plans so that everyone can pick out their favorite seat.

Hope to post another update soon.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



We've Changed Our Name to San Fernando Brewing Company

As Street Sign Brewing Company begins to grow we must find ways to reach a broader audience and make decisions that are best for the company. Although we all love the name Street Sign Brewing Company and the story that accompanies it we feel that the name limits our future endeavors and it would behoove the company to change the name to a more identifiable brand. Craft beer drinkers love to know where their beer originates, and how "local" the product truly is. Many restaurants do not display the name of the city a beer is manufactured on their menu and many casual drinkers do not know where a brewery is located. Since we are located in the San Fernando Valley and in the City of San Fernando, we have decided to do business as San Fernando Brewing Company. We want to be "The Valley's Beer" and instill a sense of pride in our home city. This name change will help us be the prominent brewery in the Valley and have the 1.7 million residents relate with our beer on a more personal level. 

We are still Street Sign at heart and plan on featuring speciality ales under the name Street Sign in the future to continue the story of how this brewery came to be. This will help us remember our roots and keep true to the passion instilled in each batch of craft beer we produce. Thank you all your support.



General Meeting of the CCBA

Street Sign Brewing Company attended our first California Craft Brewers Association’s General meeting earlier this month and it was great! Normally the general meeting is held in a member brewery. However, so many California craft breweries attended this year that they had to hold the meeting at UC San Diego to accommodate them all.

Officiated by CCBA’s Executive Director, Tom McCormick the all day meeting was non-stop information and up to the date data presented by some really great speakers. We took in so much in one day that our heads were spinning - and that wasn't because of the free beer. Who knew California Craft Brewers have their very own lobbyist in Sacramento? Oh excuse me, I miss spoke; we have a Senior Policy Advisor by the name of Chris Walker. Chris is an energetic and charismatic speaker who is working with lawmakers in our State Capital to help, protect and to promote the Craft Beer industry through legislation. An extremely interesting topic; we wish we could have heard more form Chris. We’re sure through the CCBA that we will.     

Other interesting topics included Roger Hanney’s discussion on Trade Practice and ABC key issues. These topics got everyone to sit up and take notice. Roger was direct in his presentation and just as direct in his answers to questions put to him. The biggest thing we took from Roger’s sessions is to know ABC and follow it; ABC is there to help us brewers. It is not worth the fine(s), temporary ban on sales or worse, the loss of your license just because you didn’t bother to ask. (C.Y.A.) 

The board of the CCBA was introduced by Tom McCormick, they are:                     Steve Wagner, Stone Brewing Co.; David Walker, Firestone Walker Brewing Co.; Joyce Turner, Mammoth Brewing Co.; Natallie Cilurzo, Russian River Brewing Co.; John Dannerbeck, Anchor Brewing Co.; Ron Lindenbusch, Lagunitas Brewing Co.; Chris Cramer, Karl Strauss Brewing Co.; Brain Hunt, Moonlight Brewing Co. and Joe Whitney, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  It was great to see and meet some of the big names in the California craft beer industry; every one of them willing and eager to help and answer questions.

During lunch we were able to speak to the Brewers/Owners of Eagle Rock Brewery. What nice people. They graciously answered our questions, and we had a lot. If you haven’t stopped by their Taproom, you should. They have some really great beers. I think their Black Mild is fabulous but, order a flight and you decide which you like best. 

 We were also fortunate to meet up with the Brewers/Owners of Macleod Ale Brewing Co. also really nice people. But then, I don’t recall anyone not being helpful and friendly at the conference. Macleod Ale brewing is really unique. They are brewing up some really specialized and traditional cask conditioned British style ales. We can’t wait to try them… That’s a hint Macleod. Watch for their opening very soon. Maybe we’ll see you there.  

We did not see any of our other local L.A. brewers at the general meeting but as we said, the place was packed. Street Sign Brewing Company would just like to say thanks to all the people that put the CCBA general meeting together. It was interesting, informative and fun. There were many other great topics and speakers not mentioned here but definitely deserve our thanks and gratitude. A lot of time and effort was put into each and every topic. Thanks to you all for a meeting well done.