As Street Sign Brewing Company begins to grow we must find ways to reach a broader audience and make decisions that are best for the company. Although we all love the name Street Sign Brewing Company and the story that accompanies it we feel that the name limits our future endeavors and it would behoove the company to change the name to a more identifiable brand. Craft beer drinkers love to know where their beer originates, and how "local" the product truly is. Many restaurants do not display the name of the city a beer is manufactured on their menu and many casual drinkers do not know where a brewery is located. Since we are located in the San Fernando Valley and in the City of San Fernando, we have decided to do business as San Fernando Brewing Company. We want to be "The Valley's Beer" and instill a sense of pride in our home city. This name change will help us be the prominent brewery in the Valley and have the 1.7 million residents relate with our beer on a more personal level. 

We are still Street Sign at heart and plan on featuring speciality ales under the name Street Sign in the future to continue the story of how this brewery came to be. This will help us remember our roots and keep true to the passion instilled in each batch of craft beer we produce. Thank you all your support.