Signature Beers


53.7 IBU

5.0% ABV

A roasted American style stout with chocolate and coffee aroma; this beer takes its name from a favorite rock climbing destination in the northwest valley.




ROYAL ROAd pale ale

36.4 IBU

5.5% ABV

A medium body ale with high citrus hop aroma and flavor; this beer takes its name from the Royal Road, El Camino Real. 




21.1 IBU

7.5% ABV

A malty amber ale with a hint of sourdough, our latest beer recipe takes its name from the sprawling park in the far north valley. 




83.7 IBU

7.8% ABV

This beer features a high hop bitterness balanced by a malty backbone, combined with a fruity aroma; we named this one after a street right here in the city of San Fernando.




17.8 IBU

4.8% ABV

 A spicy wheat character with subtle melon flavor; this beer features an historic variety of wheat that was grown in California in the 1800's.


Specialty Beer

q-cumber pale ale

36.4 IBU

5.5% ABV

English style pale ale infused with a variety of cucumbers, making this a very refreshing beer. Served in a pint glass. Like Beer Bloody Mary's? Ask for it "Michelada" Style!


Imperial death star Stout

69.5 IBU

9.5% ABV

This imperial stout has chocolate overtones, followed by a mild roast and a slight hop finish. This beer is fermented for one month on American Oak giving it a depth and slight oak flavor. Served in a tulip glass. 


grapefruits of Wrath i.p.a

82.5 IBU

7.7% abV

A strong I.P.A that has citrus and floral hops to compliment the flavors of grapefruit that is added post fermentation. A unique, refreshing beer dry hopped with the Belma hop. Served in a pint glass. 


strawberry wheat

19.0 IBU

5.2% abv

a wheat beer infused with a honey-strawberry jam. This beer is very sweet, similar to a wine spritzer. Served in a pint glass.


Ipa cubed      

101.0 IBU


A triple I.P.A that is light in color and supremely hopped. Not too bitter on the front end, has a lingering hop on the back. Served in a 13 oz tulip glass. 


Marty Mcrye P.A  

6.7% ABV / 69.2 IBU

Brewed with over 40% rye grain this I.P.A. is amber in color, with an earthy hop profile, and a wild malt finish. The flavor of the rye grain is highlighted throughout each sip. 

Small Batch

Coming Soon:

3/8 Brown Ale

Del Valle Mexican Lager

RedRUM (Anniversary Beer)

Seasonal Beer

Mango I.P.A. - 7.7% ABV 83 IBU

A refreshing I.P.A with fresh bits of mango, is perfect for summer. Perfect as a Michelada!

*Turn any beer into a Michelada

In addition to the five signature beers, look forward to trying seasonal beers that rotate in our taproom throughout the year.