Specialty Brews 

q-cumber pale ale 5.5% abv / 36.4 ibu

English style pale ale infused with a variety of cucumbers, making this a very refreshing beer. Served in a pint glass. Like beer bloody mary's? Ask for it "Michelada" Style!

Imperial death star           stout                    9.5% abv /  69.5 ibu

This imperial stout has chocolate overtones, followed by a mild roast and a slight hop finish. This beer is fermented for one month on American Oak giving it a depth and slight oak flavor. Served in a tulip glass. 

grapefruits of Wrath i.p.a             7.7% abv / 82.5 ibu

A strong I.P.A that has citrus and floral hops to compliment the flavors of grapefruit that is added post fermentation. A unique, refreshing beer dry hopped with the Belma hop. Served in a pint glass. 

strawberry wheat 5.2% abv / 19.0 ibu

a wheat beer infused with a honey-strawberry jam. This beer is very sweet, similar to a wine spritzer. Served in a pint glass.


Ipa cubed       10.1%abv/ 101.0 ibu

A triple I.P.A that is light in color and supremely hopped. Not too bitter on the front end, has a lingering hop on the back. Served in a 13 oz tulip glass. 

Marty Mcrye P.A   6.7% abv/69.2 ibu 

Brewed with over 40% rye grain this I.P.A. is amber in color, with an earthy hop profile, and a wild malt finish. The flavor of the rye grain is highlighted throughout each sip. 

Small Batch


South Of the blvd     (s.o.b)                  9.3% / 23.4 ibu

This Belgian Trippel is the last beer in out Belgian series. It is both rich and smooth 



Pumpkin Pi                      7.6% ABV

Love pumpkin spice lattes? This beer has all the flavors of pie. Available in pints and 22oz bottles to-go. 

Peppermint STOUT

5.0% ABV / 44.0 IBU


*Turn any beer into a Michelada just ask










53.7 IBU

5.0% ABV

A roasted American style stout with chocolate and coffee aroma; this beer takes its name from a favorite rock climbing destination in the northwest valley.



ROYAL ROAd pale ale

36.4 IBU

5.5% ABV

A medium body ale with high citrus hop aroma and flavor; this beer takes its name from the Royal Road, El Camino Real. 




21.1 IBU

7.5% ABV

A malty amber ale with a hint of sourdough, our latest beer recipe takes its name from the sprawling park in the far north valley. 




83.7 IBU

7.8% ABV

This beer features a high hop bitterness balanced by a malty backbone, combined with a fruity aroma; we named this one after a street right here in the city of San Fernando.




17.8 IBU

4.8% ABV

 A spicy wheat character with subtle melon flavor; this beer features an historic variety of wheat that was grown in California in the 1800's.


In addition to the five signature beers, look forward to trying seasonal beers that rotate in our taproom throughout the year.